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New Gastro magazine by Gruner + Jahr

The high-end gastro magazine B-EAT will be launched on September 4th. There are two editions planned in total for 2018.

Gruner + Jahr  is already a strong player on the food magazine market with big brands such as CHEFKOCH, BEEF, ESSEN & TRINKEN. Now the food-group is expanding its portfolio by adding B-EAT, a magazine with a truly unique concept.

B-EAT is a new gastronomic trend-setting magazine for the german-speaking countries. It tells the stories about the gastronomy and about the personalities behind the menus: the chefs. B-EAT combines three main categories: Food, Travel and Chefs, which intertwine and together they form a revolutionary gastronomic magazine.

The best part in every issue of B-EAT are the gastronomical critics, which feature the hottest openings and the most important restaurants in Germany, Europe and the world. B-EAT evaluates restaurants with its own ranking-system and offers its readership an added value, because of the B-EAT teams’ personal recommendations.

On top of that, B-EAT takes a look behind the scenes and tells moving stories of those working in today’s gastronomic world: Chefs and winegrowers, food-activists, bartenders, eco-farmers and others.

Following this rather unconventional path, B-EAT approaches not only the gastronomic stars and takers, but also discovers talents and promising newcomers, showing how they work and what drives them.

Further topics include travel reportages of fascinating culinary regions, the latest food-trends and portraits of food-movers, those people, who for example change our nutrition, fight against starvation, discover new groceries or develop new cooking techniques.

With this combination of themes, B-EAT addresses all those, who love to go out for dinner and value finding the right restaurant - in their home region and when travelling. People, who are interested in the work and influence of the top chefs of our time and who are motivated to take a deeper look into the fascinating gastronomic cosmos.

B-EAT will be launched on September 4th. There are two more editions planned in 2018.

Cover price: approx. 8 €
Full page: 15,900 €
Print run: 100,000 copies

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